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One of the biggest challenges of the global world is, without a doubt, intercultural understanding. The movement of people from one territory to another for political, economic or social reasons has turned most countries – to varying degrees – into multicultural states where people of different origins, cultures, beliefs and preferences coexist. This diversity enriches societies as new ideas, different perspectives and ways of understanding the world begin to emerge.

However, managing cultural diversity is not easy, since cultural misunderstandings, stereotypes, discrimination and conflicts between people of different cultures are common and, unfortunately, the tools to avoid them are not always available or easy to find. At Small Wide World, we believe that, through intercultural training and international experience, we can learn to better live and work with people from different cultures and adapt to new environments more effectively.

In addition, there is a strong professional and business value in employing professionals who can work and communicate effectively with people from other cultures.

Advantages of developing intercultural skills

Numerous studies show that employees with intercultural skills benefit organizations through their ability to:
  • Attract new customers.
  • Work efficiently with diverse teams.
  • Increase the good reputation of the company.
  • Encourage creativity, flexibility and resolution of problems and conflicts.
Conversely, employees who lack these skills might cause:
  • Client loss.
  • Damage to the company’s reputation.
  • Conflicts with other people or within teams.
  • A climate of mistrust and demotivation in people.
Therefore, to understand and manage cultural diversity and, in general, live and work between cultures while avoiding stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, it is essential to develop intercultural competence.

Intercultural competence

Mastering the Spanish Language

Training options and other services

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    Courses, workshops and conferences

    In Small Wide World, thanks to our great team of specialists, we offer courses, workshops, conferences and talks.
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    Online or face-to-face

    We offer all our training and services online and face-to-face throughout Europe.
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    Individual or group training

    Depending on the needs of our clients, the training can be oriented towards individuals, small groups or large groups.
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    In Spanish and English

    Our training and services are offered in Spanish or English.
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    Consulting services

    Small Wide World also offers individualized consulting services to companies, institutions and individuals.

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