Living and working across cultures

Living and working across cultures

Do you work with a multicultural team or in an international company? Are you currently living or working abroad? Do you do business with people in other countries? Join us! October 14, 2022 4pm to 6pm (Central European Summer Time) Online/ In English

Hoy en Small Wide World hablamos con Andrea Martínez Celis, especialista en pragmática en la enseñanza de inglés

—Small Wide World: Buenos días, Andrea. Tengo entendido que eres especialista en competencia pragmática. ¿Podrías explicarnos brevemente de qué se trata esta competencia? —Andrea: Bueno, la competencia pragmática ha sido definida por diversos autores como la habilidad para utilizar el lenguaje de manera efectiva con el fin de conseguir un propósito específico y de entender […]

Dinner times in Europe

Did you know that meal times around the world differ a lot? Even within Europe there are big differences. In Norway, for example, people have dinner between 4pm and 5.30pm and end their day around 9pm with Kveldsmat (“evening food”) with a meal that is similar to breakfast. The Spanish have their most important meal […]