Experts in intercultural and linguistic competence

At Small Wide World we help Spanish and international professionals (and future professionals) to::

  • Develop intercultural competence and improve their communication in culturally diverse environments.
  • Improve Spanish proficiency and adapt their communication style to the cultural environment in which they live and work.
Online and face-to-face training in English and Spanish

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Improve your intercultural and linguistic competence

We help you develop your intercultural communication skills

At Small Wide World, we make it easier for professionals to manage and work in multicultural teams, promoting intercultural communication to connect with people from other cultures.

We help develop cultural empathy, open-mindedness and flexibility to better adapt to international and multicultural professional environments.

We enhance oral and written language skills and practice communication techniques to work more comfortably in culturally diverse or new environments.

Intercultural communication and linguistic improvement

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Keys to intercultural understanding in organizations

Intercultural competence

Develop one of the most important skills to work in the global world.

Proficiency in Spanish

Improve your language level to work effectively in Spanish-speaking professional environments.

Intercultural communication

Improve your communication skills in multicultural teams.

Writing skills

Hone your language skills to write reports, emails or papers correctly.

Cultural diversity

Manage the cultural diversity of your organization to promote real inclusion and improve the work environment.

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The best training to work in international or multicultural environments

There is strong professional and business value in employing professionals who can work and communicate effectively with people from other cultures.

Intercultural competence and communication

Proficiency in Spanish

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Practice your Spanish with our debates

  • How late is late? The concept of time in different cultures.
  • What am I missing? Intercultural communication styles.
  • Norms or relationships? Priorities in different cultures.
  • Group harmony or individual freedom? Individualistic and collective cultures.
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