The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

How many times do we believe that we have clearly conveyed an idea, objective or proposal, only to discover later that the person to whom the message was addressed has misunderstood it or, worse, has not received it at all?

The inherent difficulty of language

If it is already hard to communicate in our own language and with people who share our values, beliefs and behaviors, it is not hard to imagine the number of misunderstandings and conflicts that occur daily in organizations around the globe. Misunderstandings and intercultural conflicts happen most often because people do not share the same codes, values ​​or beliefs when communicating. What is considered right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, familiar or unfamiliar, varies greatly between cultures, and these differences can produce a series of obstacles that can be challenging to overcome if not identified from the beginning. Such difficulties and their consequences reduce productivity and efficiency in an organization and can create an uncomfortable work environment or even seriously damage the reputation of a company.

Small Wide World: At the service of effective communication

At Small Wide World, we believe that culture and communication are inseparable and that, in order to become interculturally competent professionals, intercultural communication and language must be worked on and practiced daily. But what is intercultural competence? How can we develop intercultural communication? Is it possible to improve my communication in Spanish or English if I already speak the language well or even if it is my first language? Can I speak a language correctly and yet not communicate well due to my lack of knowledge of the culture?

Development of intercultural communication

Our values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are transmitted through both verbal and non-verbal communication. That is why understanding different cultural patterns and trends and developing strategies to adapt our communication to different environments and situations is essential to work effectively in the global world. At Small Wide World, our global group of experts in intercultural competence and Spanish language are passionate about helping professionals, both in Spain and abroad, develop their intercultural and language skills.