C-01 Communication in multicultural teams

C-01 Communication in multicultural teams

  • Type of training: online, in-person
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Addressed to: Professionals
  • Course Code: C-01


This course is aimed at any professional who manages or is part of a culturally diverse team. The main objective is for all team members to learn about and reflect on their cultural, communicative and linguistic differences in a friendly open space. This training helps find effective ways to work together, accept our differences and learn to manage them when they arise.


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The following concepts will be addressed:

  • Different customs, values ​​and beliefs and how they influence our behavior at work.
  • Our perspectives, perceptions and views of the world and the deconstruction of stereotypes and erroneous assumptions.
  • The concept of time, relationships, norms or the environment among other cultural patterns.
  • Culturally different verbal and non-verbal communication styles (formal and informal spaces, the influence of hierarchy, the rhythm of speech, direct or indirect messages, sense of humor, display of emotions, feedback, etc.).
  • Different concepts of personal space, physical or visual contact in different cultural settings.
  • Communication techniques to identify and overcome misunderstandings and intercultural conflicts, as well as detect errors in communication.
  • Improvement of the personal and professional image through correct and appropriate communication to the cultural environment (emails, reports, texts on social networks, etc.).
  • Treatment of disagreement, taking into account what a conflict means in different cultures and the importance of saving face.
  • Tools to ease culture shock and facilitate teamwork.