C-07 Competence and intercultural communication

C-07 Competence and intercultural communication

  • Type of training: online, in-person
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Addressed to: Professionals, Students
  • Course Code: C-07


Aimed at college students or higher degrees who study or are going to study or work with people from other cultures in the future. It is also aimed at professionals who want to develop their intercultural competence and communication.

The objective is to exchange ideas and learn to reflect on culture, perceptions, stereotypes, as well as to identify different cultural patterns that will help study and work in international and intercultural environments.

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The following concepts will be addressed:

  • Importance of cultural diversity in the global world.
  • Learning about the concept of ‘culture’. Identification of visible and invisible culture. The role of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism.
  • Understanding how perspectives, perceptions and different worldviews transform our behavior.
  • Tools to deconstruct stereotypes and understand the values ​​and beliefs of other cultures.
  • Cultural dimensions: the concept of time, relationships or rules.
  • High and low context communication. Culturally distinct verbal and non-verbal communication styles.
  • Cultural shock and adaptation to new intercultural environments.
  • Intercultural skills for the professional future.
  • Development of intercultural sensitivity: from polarization and minimization to acceptance.