C-02 Management of cultural diversity and inclusion

C-02 Management of cultural diversity and inclusion

  • Type of training: online, in-person
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Addressed to: Professionals
  • Course Code: C-02


The objective of this training is to make people aware of cultural diversity and the importance of inclusive diversity management in any type of organization. It is aimed at professionals from any sector who work with people from different backgrounds, as co-workers, clients or suppliers.

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The following concepts will be addressed:

  • The importance of cultural diversity and need to cultivate inclusion in organizations.
  • Living and working between cultures. Different perspectives and perceptions in the global world.
  • The value of intercultural competence for managing diversity.
  • Visible and invisible culture. The influence of our values ​​and beliefs on the way we behave.
  • Cultural patterns or dimensions related to communication, relationships or time management.
  • Stereotypes and assumptions to avoid in order to reduce discrimination.
  • Misunderstandings and intercultural conflicts: how to identify and prevent or manage them?
  • Intercultural communication and its adaptation to global work environments.